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Mar 21, 2011

Mechanical Engineering Board Exam 2011 - Top Performing Schools

The Professional Regulations Commission through the results of the recently concluded Mechanical Engineering Board Exam for the year 2011 also released the top performing schools.

The list of the March 2011 Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination top performing schools was ranked in accordance with the Commission Resolution Noo. 2010 - 547 series of 2010.
RANK 1: Batangas State University
Total Number of Examinees: 36
Total Number of Passers: 35
Percentage Passed: 97.22%

Saint Louis University
Total Number of Examinees: 27
Total Number of Passers: 25
Percentage Passed: 92.59%

De La Salle University - Manila
Total Number of Examinees: 29
Total Number of Passers: 26
Percentage Passed: 89.66%

Technological University of the Philippines - Manila
Total Number of Examinees: 33
Total Number of Passers: 29
Percentage Passed: 87.88%

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