May 29, 2011

How to Pass the Board Licensure Examination – Tips and Suggestions

Perhaps one of the most important things that an examinee should ever do before his undertakings is to take the most valuable examination is his entire career. Board examinations and licensure exams… thrilling for quite some times but also jaw-dropping once your name is not included in the official list of passers.

As loosely expressed, “there is no way out”. Proving 4 years of education doesn’t always reflect on college diploma but on the Professional Identification Card given by professional regulating agencies, e.g., Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

How to pass board examinations without so many worries? Here are some of the tips and suggestions taken from the authors of different references that would help you to relax your mind, conquer your fear, and finally make it on the list. The tips below are general to all courses with board examinations such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Nursing, Civil Engineering, Dentistry, Maritime courses, Education, among others.

Confidence in answering each and every question doesn’t come from predictions. Refrain from the habits of cramming one night before the licensure exam because no matter how long you reviewed those different review materials, this will just access your short-term memory during the actual exam. Else, review from minor up to the most important topics months before the scheduled licensure exam.

Where to get review materials? Aside from the materials that you kept from the review center you are enrolled, the pile of books and lectures you obtained during your four years of education, you can also ask for review materials from those who previously took relative licensure examination.

As to the studying time schedule, review when your body is at most “alert”. Some preferred to study during morning because the mind is relax while some preferred during the evening. Whether it is morning or night, give your full attention to what you are reviewing. Else, you are just wasting your time. As what previous board examinees said, repetitive reading of materials, still, is the key to fully understanding the lesson.

And though, a “happy go lucky” examinee may say that passing the board examination is 90% chances because the questions are both situational and optional, it pays well when you have something between your ears.

PRCboardresult suggests that you do not have to rely so much with luck unless you are just gambling for your future.

Optimism is a springboard that enables you to bounce back to your most desired success in passing the board exam. It is a mindset as one Philosopher’s said “I think, therefore I am”. Indeed, when you feel positive that you can pass the licensure, you really can. Research claims that the more the person envisions success, the more it becomes achievable.

Passing the board exam should come intrinsically from motivating yourself. For some, it is considered the self actualization in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because passing it means self fulfillment, an achievement that motivates a person to be better than he can.

 Our brain is not a computer processor which can process 24/7. If you feel so much stress as if no matter how hard you review, nothing comes in, it’s the best time to stop and relax. Try to spend time with your family, friends and special someone. Though you are not learning relative lessons from them, you got motivation. This will help you once again to pursue what you have started.

One day before the examination, take a rest. This is to help your brain to at least relax after months of constant processing.

Just before the board examination, know where to go. Check reliable online references that post your own room assignments, bring all requirements that are asked and don’t forget to ask for divine providence.

On the examinations proper, read the all the directions carefully. Don’t be excited to shade the circles without reading what is proper. Though you may get another set of questionnaire, you supposed to waste part of your examination time.

Make sure that you ate your breakfast.

6. PRAY 
Aside from the knowledge you obtained from your review, always remember that you are not alone in the chair when taking the exam. Ask God for support and assistance and you will find yourself worthy for all your answers. “Study hard, party harder, pray hardest”

These are just six from our suggestions in passing the board or licensure examination. At the end, still, it is you who can really determine your success or failure in hurdling the dreads and dilemma of making it big in your board examination. The best thing that you can do right now is to “WILL IT”.

PRCBoardresult also acknowledged the comments from members of the official PRCBoardResult fan page. As quoted from the following members:

Bochok Solis said,  

"Taking the board examination usually causes undue stress which deprives sleep to examiners. Examiners must bear in mind that they have studied everything, all they have to do is to remember them while answering the exam. So relax, be confident but not over confident"

Jozchef Charcz mentioned,

"I think its better if examinees don't study the day before the day of examination.. Our brain needs to be relaxed in preparation for the "Big War"

Vladimir dela Cruz reiterated about reading habits and spiritual guidance, he said,
"just read read and read then pray for His guidance and blessings"